Second in a series of violin/viola arrangements from the Journey (PS3 game) soundtrack

Hitsachka and friends made some really awesome Journey Prototype cosplay pictures.  These could be the best we’ve seen!

First in a series of violin/viola arrangements from the Journey (PS3 game) soundtrack. ilivetowrite on acoustic violin, electric violin (strings setting), and electric 5-string violin. (Macintosh computer on piano. Piano arrangement from the official sheet music.)

To the Mountain



Named after the achievement in the PS3 game, Journey. A simple and peaceful sculpt I worked on to relax when I was stressed from my Bioshock project. The base is 5” by 3” and the character itself stands at just a little over 2” tall. Took a little over 30 hours to complete. Progress pictures here.

Journey and flOw composer Austin Wintory co-directed and composed this short video about the Mars rover Curiosity.

The best part is that it’s narrated by Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Felicia Day!

MOCA made this short video about the making of TGC, featuring founders Jenova Chen and Kellee Santiago.


Journey Screensaver Caps:  Broken Bridge - part 1

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